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Jumpy Land is an Indoor playground in San Antonio, Tx with a variety of inflatable bounce houses offering open play and birthday parties for babies, toddlers and early-elementary aged kids!

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As a mother of two young kids, I know the struggle that is living in San Antonio with inclement weather or when the temperature is too hot or cold for outdoor play. That's why I decided that we needed a safe indoor space for the kids to play and develop.


I believe that an indoor playground allows your child to work on their strength, flexibility, and gross motor skills while also working on their social skills interacting with other kids.

 In Jumpy Land they will be able to let their imagination run wild in a safe, clean and stimulating environment.



Our mission is to create a safe, clean and stimulating environment where kids can be themselves, playing and using their imagination. 

Our vision is to be the best playroom that a kid can visit. Encouraging their creativity and bringing them joy.

We believe that teaching children values ​​from an early age improves their way of seeing things and changes their perspective. That's why, the values ​​that we promote in Jumpy Land are the following: 

  • Respect

  • Generosity

  • Honesty

  • Teamwork

  • Support

  • Equality

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